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Take real assets

We are an investment firm that targets transportation and industrial assets, companies, and related services. We embrace macro-economic themes to make long-view investments, rather than expedient ones.

At ITE, our ~$9.2B* of real assets reflects our focus on low volatility, cash yield, and superior risk adjusted returns.

Creating value around every turn
We have built our transportation and industrial funds with these characteristics in mind:
Stable Cash Flows

Our assets are crucial to shippers’ operations and revenue generations with utilization throughout cycles, generally predictable lease rates, and long-term contracts.

Uncorrelated Returns

Our funds have low correlation to equity and credit markets as essential-use equipment is tied to industrial production and economically critical to GDP fundamentals.

Positive Risk Characteristics

We seek to generate long-duration, high-quality returns balanced by established customer credit and historically negligible write-offs.

Favorable Tax Structure

Our investment portfolios present tax advantages related to real asset depreciation with potential advantageous pass-through tax benefits for investors.

Attractive Long-Term Horizon

The extended useful life of transport assets enables favorable inflation protection, low risk of technology obsolescence, and a natural interest rate hedge.

Energy Efficiency

We pursue an environmentally sustainable strategy, evaluating assets that have lower greenhouse gas emissions than other transport options with end-of-life recycling programs.

Applying operating expertise to transportation and industrial asset investing.

We are experts, not generalists. Our principals are seasoned industry professionals in investments, asset management, banking, manufacturing, and leasing with an average of over 25 years of experience.

We focus on people, operations, data, and processes to take us deeper into these productive assets, gaining perspective and insights that help construct stable, diversified portfolios for investors.



Transportation Infrastructure





Asset & Portfolio Management

ITE optimizes asset portfolios to lower volatility and maximize cash.

Operating Partnerships

Our network of operating companies provides robust industry knowledge, deal flow, and capital allocation.

Data Platform

We leverage proprietary predictive data modeling to unlock new insights, drive core decisions, and diversify portfolio construction.

Risk Management

Our extensive investment diligence process proactively addresses financial and tax structures, diversified capital sources, and long-term exposure mitigation.


*Total asset valuation as of December 2023. All calculations involving partially realized and unrealized positions are based upon valuations attributable to those portfolio positions in accordance with applicable Accounting Standards and the application of ITE’s Valuation Policies and corresponding procedures. Because of the inherent uncertainties of valuation, any values reflected for partially realized and unrealized positions may materially differ from the values determined upon the sale of those investments.

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