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We’re proud to partner with companies who strive to achieve the following criteria:

Environmental Sustainability
  • Policies that reduce impact and promote sustainability
  • Compliance with EPA acts across clean air, conservation, and toxic substance controls
  • Own and operate assets that lower greenhouse emissions and can be fully recycled through scrap and salvage
Employee Health and Safety
  • Committed annual investment to employee onboarding, training and education
  • Record of safety performance with a target of zero lost time injuries
  • Industry certifications and readiness

Inclusive, Supportive Workplace
  • Active employers of large-scale, high paying jobs
  • Dedication to racial and gender equality through diverse hiring and promotion and anti-discrimination policies and practices
  • Investment in programs that support the local communities

Agenda-Setting Governance
  • Compliant with applicable regulations and standards
  • Active in industry organizations and committees
  • Highest level of ethical standards

While ITE believes ESG factors can enhance long term value, ITE does not pursue an ESG based investment strategy nor does ITE consider itself a manager focused on ESG issues or an impact fund sponsor and does not market itself or its funds based on environmental or social standards. Any references to the environmental, social or governance represent standards or improvements made within a portfolio investment and are not provided as an indication of ITE’s environmental stewardship ITE chooses investment projects based on an investment objective which seeks to generate superior risk adjusted returns and does not pursue an ESG based strategy or limit its investments to those that meet specific ESG criteria.